Strategic design and architecture consultancy on products, services and spaces


Smart Citizen

Starting with structuring and building the user cases of the population for a Smart City, Smart Citizen develops the smart services and associated urban planning to create the unique and applied Smart City evolution project.


Innovation Strategies

Analysing the local potential and the local infrastructure structure, Territory innovation develops and creates new strategies for local potentials and economic growth of a territory, from technology to kultural strategies.

Private Assets

Structuring the living priorities and dreams, it renovates and builds the environment for the private living, and improves the functionality and spatial value of the living project.



Incorporating the environmental future development, this development creates the social, economic and design project and then elaborates the evolution project to adapt and create a social skin.


Aggregated Assets

Initiating with the state of the current assets, it elaborates an integral development plan for the future framework of the conglomerate and how to evolve them for organizational and environment prospective.

Innovation Systems

After stating the innovation systems and development on the business, we develop the innovation path and the methodology for each case via applied reality projects. Innovation systems help organizations, retailers and manufacturers develop a strong system that will help them increase the product efficiency.


Product Transfer

Starting with the existing technology assessment and market reality, we design the market approach and the product design that will thrust the technology to new markets and products. Product Transfer helps technology find new paths and markets, increasing its application portfolio.


Market & Customer Insights

Structuring the existing market integration, it develops the necessary positioning of the service and product proposition to enter a specific market from the human factor. The Market/Customer insights helps defining the best and most efficient market integration of a product or service


Service Design & Value proposition

Taking the end customer as the starting point, it develops the service and value statement taking into account the economic and social visibility of the service, and grows the proposition to follow. Service design helps achieve maximum impact by connecting you to the right perception and value of your service proposition.