Project Details

CLIENT: Gemeente Amsterdam RijksAcademie Amsterdam NL

PROGRAMME: Resolution for MrVisserplein urban centre [Mr Visser plaza], Amsterdam

PROPOSAL: Global strategy for Amsterdam usability

TEAM: KUDA! (Inaki Arbelaiz, Izaro A. Teresa), EME3: Adriana Diaz, Rachel Serafim, Eduardo Bentue, Damian Soto, Jorge Martin, Ana Mantuano

PUBLICATION: RijskAcademie/NAI Uitgevers & EME3 & CCCB/Macba & CCCB Barcelona & RijksAcademie & Amsterdam Tokyo Arch. Ass


Project Work

Ulysse is a strategy to be developed in Amsterdam, born after the requirement of the Amsterdam cityhall and the Rijsksacademie for the Prix de Rome NL, a resulting winner. It is a urban filling strategy for vacant plots encaging weather for the citizen to use. When the Prix de Rome NL was proposed, we realised that the proposed project could be extended to the rest of the city. Amsterdam has the ability reuse to play the existing vacant plots, as it did after WWII. Here, the adult playgrounds develop the concept of encaged weather while helping pump out the water and be helped by a photovoltaic skin. Ulysse encages the weather and travels with it, being able to develop into bigger structures and help set the urban tissue within. Ulysse is a strategy to both.