Guell Colony

Project Details

CLIENT: Citilab Cornella and Consell Comarcal Baix Llobregat

PROGRAMME: Recycle Guell colony for tourism


TEAM: KUDA! (Inaki Arbelaiz)


Project Description

Guell Colony, Knoweledge tourism. Value proposition and Future proposal of the Guell Colony, Santa Coloma de Cervello, Barcelona.

Currently, the Colony in Santa Coloma has very little functional occupation, mainly due to the colony's geographical situation. This situation has led the colony to get disengaged from the factory tissue the colony is attached to, and broadened the distance with the Town of Santa Coloma de Cervello.

This ongoing project, along with Citilab Cornella represents the co-design and co-planing of a built reality that tackles the problems issued by all the parts involved, making the factory fabric workable again and looking for programme dynamics that will help gather new knowledge based industries within the existing historic facilities, and tighten back their relationships.