Project Details

CLIENT: Gemeente �sGrave, Nederlands Maasland and BHIC regional historic files

PROGRAMME: Building interieur for Maasland/Gemeente s�Grave/BHIC

PROPOSAL: Integral interieur and intimity structuration

BUDGET: 200k Euros [interieur]

TEAM: EEA Erick van Egeraat and KUDA! (Inaki Arbelaiz)

PUBLICATION: Blis & 10Years


Project Description

Due to several issues, when the 'sGrave Interieur project came in within the EEA office environment, the project got fractured into three very different clients, and three very different personalities which should operate under the same roof, the same reality, and the same idea.

The Interior of the 'sGrave city hall [a very small town in the middle of The Netherlands, did put quite some issues in fornt of our eyes, mainly relating to intimacy and the need to incorporate new clients along the process of development the building had. From a single client, the tender evolved in to a three client commission, where the needs of a interior design shop, historical archive and the very city hall came together. The main issue that bound the whole project together was that of intimacy and privacy. All three different clients had a very different take on intimacy, achieved by the very furniture which allowed the customer to expose his or her life more or less.