Cloud 9

Project Details

CLIENT: EPS London/Storopack BCN Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny, Barcelona

PROGRAMME: User insights, concept development, form development and industrialization and systematics

PROPOSAL: Finished Object, packaging and system

BUDGET: 36.000 Euros maximum industrial machinery

TEAM: KUDA! (Inaki Arbelaiz), Along with Soraia Balelo, Pascual Fernandez Palermo, Ricardo Santos


Project Description

Can we keep something within a cloud? Can we take advantage of the most important characteristics of the material, namely lightness, and its relevant mechanic characteristic [which is not too good mechanical resilience and resistance] to take advantage of it and add functionality?

Developed within a postgraduate programme in Elisava with Storopack BCN as a collaborator, CLOUD NINE! Looks to discover new spaces within the home, and discover the ceiling back as a usable house element. Made with EPS and Polypropylene for the high bearing elements, CLOUD NINE! Puts a cloud and a dream at home, thus freeing the floor area and its use.