Project Details

CLIENT: Vard0 Municipality, Norway

PROGRAMME: Development and future plan for the municipality of Vard0


TEAM: KUDA! (Inaki Arbelaiz) KUDA!, Eduardo Bentue and Damian Soto


Project Description

Project on the North. Transformation and renovation of the harbour and municipality area of Vard0, Norway.

Vard0 is passing away. Nowadays, Vard0 population is about 4500 inhabitants where the relocation of the traditional fishing industry to Denmark, Netherlands and Greenland has conditioned the economic activity of its population, where more than 90% of it is a government employee.

Contrary to international interaction and globalization theories, the project looks forward to implode and create a sustainable local economy, and be able to take advantage of the energy solutions within to create several specific functions that add value to both the manufacturing realm towards a scientific realm, being able to sell their characterization as an avant-garde sea environment interaction studies. This alters and creates the production realm of Vard0, and puts the fishery back to the harbour. Combining the museum, the fishery and the Barents aquarium creates a tight relationship between them, making the connection between all three sectors local and tighter, able to be exported and attract the so called knowledge tourism.