Project Details

CLIENT: Braun Gmbh

PROGRAMME: Market Insights and User Experience. Concept development and material implementation

PROPOSAL: Product system

TEAM: KUDA! (Inaki Arbelaiz), Eduardo Bentue and Damian Soto

BUDGET: 36.000 Eur (System and object family)


Project Description

Braun Gmbh challenged us: how to create an environmentally sound and responsible object that will help the environment and not only be an abstract service.

Enter Cassidy, a technical floor for intensive use that makes easier the task of debris separation where it is placed, and the liquid absorption in the hinder part of it.

Cassidy is composed of two elements: an upper armour made of Duril, and a lower part made of cocoa foam. The upper part acts as a moulding for the lower part and is a filter for debris, whereas the lower part picks the debris and stores it to be used as a fertilizer, as the cocoa foam is a programmable degradation material.

The upper part changes colour as well, communicating the need to change the lower foam part. This colour change is reversible and executed when the cleaning process is carried, and interacting as well with the close urban environment when changing colour: a urban mosaic..