Bari The Light Kilometre

Project Details

CLIENT: Bari Municipality Institute of Science for the Stone studies

PROGRAMME: Development of the seafront promenade and ecumenical study centre

SURFACE: 350.000 m2

TEAM: KUDA! (Inaki Arbelaiz, I. A. Teresa), Lucrezia Mutti, Maurizio Scarciglia, Fabiana Toni

PUBLICATION: Metamorfosi & Roma International architecture magazine & EME3-CCCB Centre for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona


Project Description

Bari, ecumenical city. Open international competition to develop a ecumenical city and university on an earthquake devastated area, on the Aegean seascape.

This is one kilometre of light. One kilometre of light that sets the interaction between the sunk avenue, where the path gets within the ecumenical church, and where the sea and university are catered as part of that light. Which studies the culture, and integrates the yearly procession of Bari as the main spine. The strategy to sink and make an abstract stone prairie, emphasizes the reclusion, meditation character, and the sunken idea of the city favours the passive sun protection and sea stream use for the proper ventilation, using the sea as the refrigerating element for the whole area.